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The complete solution for your


FinReg's QMCore delivers a comprehensive, tailored solution to ensure compliance with your regional Quality Management Standard, whether it be ISQM 1, SQMS 1, SSQM 1, ASQM 1, CSQM 1, PES 3, or their variants.

The complete solution for your


QMCore delivers a comprehensive, tailored solution to ensure compliance with your regional Quality Management Standard, whether it be ISQM1, SQMS1, SSQM1, ASQM1, CSQM1, or their variants.

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QMCore, technology accredited by ICAEW, is your premier solution for achieving excellence in quality management. Developed collaboratively with subject matter experts, ex-regulators, and current audit professionals, our cutting-edge software educates by offering a streamlined approach to ensure full compliance with regional quality management standards.

Unlocking your organisation's route to compliance, QMCore provides an intuitive and dynamic platform that enables your firm to collectively manage the system of quality management. By integrating QMCore into your operations, your firm can evidence its commitment to the highest levels of excellence in Quality Management.



Direct Alignment with Regional SOQM Standards

QMCore seamlessly aligns with any regional SOQM variant, providing intuitive guidance and direct links to ensure you're always on track with your quality management compliance requirements


Solution Set-Up

Effortlessly assign key roles to individuals within your firm, enabling multi-user access with explicit preparer/reviewer audit trail and monitoring progress for a tailored compliance experience

Risk Assessment Linkages

Enhances your risk assessment process by establishing transparent links between objectives, associated risks, and assigned responses, streamlining the management of data without the need for multiple Excel spreadsheets

Monitoring & Remediation

Effortlessly navigate your optimised monitoring and remediation regime by creating activities and assigning tasks to the relevant individuals

Monitor Progress

Gain insightful analysis on your risk assessment process, monitor and assess your responses, and track progress on deficiencies identified, all driven by QMCore's comprehensive data recording and reporting capabilities.


Complete Audit Trail

Every Datapoint entry, adjustment and sign off is logged by user and timestamp, with optional notes and re-assignment, providing the platform for accountable quality management.

Centralised Reporting Location

Centralise all data for enhanced management control, ensuring the integrity of the risk assessment process and seamless integration with other monitoring modules


QMCore Testimonials

Bernard Lee

CEO at Audit Alliance LLP

"As the firm in Singapore with the largest number of Nasdaq Listed Clients, FinReg’s QMCore SSQM 1 product has helped our firm to comply with stringent requirement of PCAOB ( USA Regulator ) & ACRA  (Singapore Regulator), which helps our firm to remain in the forefront of our profession."

QMCore Testimonials

Paul Cahill

Partner & Head of Audit Quality, EisnerAmper Ireland

"Finreg’s QM Core solution has been key to our Firm complying with the new quality management standard, ISQM 1.  QM Core has provided us with a simple manageable solution to a complex new standard.  The ability to tailor the software to the specific needs and circumstances of our Firm, including mapping the quality objectives, performance of a robust risk assessment, implementing responses, and monitoring has been instrumental in assisting us with complying with ISQM 1.  QM Core also provides us with a user-friendly platform allowing us to easily demonstrate compliance with ISQM 1 to our regulator.  The FinReg team have provided us with support throughout the process, including workshops, general queries and feedback."

QMCore Testimonials

Felice Griffin

EALLP National Office of Professional Practice, Managing Director

"FinReg’s QMCore ISQM 1 product has helped our firm tackle the challenges of the ISQM 1 Standard by providing an intuitive and user friendly solution covering key aspects from risk assessment through monitoring and remediation in a comprehensive, sequential and logical manner that is also customizable to our firm’s unique system of quality management."

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