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  • How does QMCore support the assignment of ownership and responsibility?
    QMCore facilitates key standard specified roles and responsibilities. Assigning the correct roles to the right individuals is important to ensure seamless collaboration within QMCore. Firms should commence identifying the individual responsible for the key areas in the Firm’s System of Quality Management and once individuals have been identified the Firm can then work with their Organisation Administrator to assign responsibility to those individuals and add them to the Platform. Once complete all team members can access the series of QMCore training videos providing user training on using and navigating each of the sections within QMCore.
  • What measures are in place to safeguard the data I input into QM Core?
    Your data input in QMCore is safeguarded through carefully designed roles that help delineate responsibilities. Users have the ability to customise visibility settings, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to specific information. Additionally, any modifications or updates made within the system are meticulously tracked through an audit trail feature, providing transparency and accountability. These security measures work in tandem to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data within QMCore.
  • What user support is available?
    We offer user support designed to ensure you are able to effectively setup your quality management system and manage quality throughout your journey. This includes: · Comprehensive platform support throughout the product setup phase and annually through the software license period, and · Pre-defined functional support and training to get you started on your journey as part of the software license package. Technical support is accessible from FinReg Global in line with agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs), with accessibility through telephone or messaging during Irish working hours. Additionally, support via email is available within 24 hours.
  • Does QMCore cater for all firm sizes?
    Yes. QMCore caters for all firms wishing to start their Quality Management journey.
  • How does QMCore support compliance with the Quality Management requirements?
    QMCore plays a pivotal role in enabling compliance with standard requirements by meticulously aligning with the relevant Quality Management standards. Our team, consisting of Audit & Assurance experts and former regulators, collaborated extensively to ensure that QMCore provides the necessary framework for compliance. Each feature within QMCore has been strategically mapped to facilitate compliance with the specific requirements outlined in Quality Management standards. This means that every question, every function, serves a purpose, enabling your organization to navigate the complexities of reporting standards with ease.
  • What if I haven’t started my Quality Management Process?
    QMCore encapsulates the ISQM1 standard (and its variants) within its product architecture allowing firms to address specific standard requirements. QMCore will facilitate the start of your Quality Management journey, bringing you through each key requirement of the relevant quality management standard. Our team of experts can have you up-and-running on QM Core within 2 hours, with full user-defined access. Contact us today to start your quality management journey.
  • What types of outputs does QMCore offer?
    QMCore offers versatile outputs tailored to enhance your firm's quality engagement. You can easily download all data back into Excel for further analysis and customisation, providing flexibility in your reporting process. Additionally, QMCore provides the option to generate formatted Word reports, ensuring professional presentation of your quality management insights. These outputs are invaluable additions to your board pack, empowering your organisation with comprehensive and actionable information derived from QMCore's robust functionalities.
  • What are the Platform’s infrastructure requirements and what security arrangements are in place?
    The Platform is cloud hosted platform that is delivered as a SAAS solution, so there are no internal infrastructure requirements. The Platform has received security certification to ISO 27001. Each firm has the ability to manage all user access rights within Organisation Administration screens allowing firms to be self-sufficient in hosting and using the Platform.

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